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We will all be needed to load, rig and sail the sail barge on our arrival, and so it is necessary that all participants sleep properly aboard the ferry. Staying up all night, then sleeping and being useless the following day is not acceptable.

Please remember that the chap driving the minibus is also the chap who'll be up late dealing with late-stop-outs...he requires a decent night's sleep more than anyone.

What we will be able to do will be controlled to a certain extent by the weather. All going well we should be sailing for 5 or 6 hours each day. Besides visiting the smaller ports of the Ijsselmeer (Stavoren, Hoorn, Urk, Lelystadt and the like) we could also visit Amsterdam, or travel North to the Waddenzee or even up to the Northernmost Islands (Terschelling etc.)

While the Ferry is Gyro-Stabilised, and the Ijsselmeer is fairly calm, it is still possible to get seasick on this Adventure, especially if we head North, or head into strong winds (the best days!)...

Whilst sailing, all of us are needed up on deck helping the crew as required. There are sails to hoist and ropes to tie, as well as winching jobs and to this end it is essential that everyone has suitable clothing. 
Besides warm sweaters, and a good coat/anorak/ fleece you will need a good sailing/storm coat and trousers. These can be borrowed free from CF if yours are insufficient. You will also need a warm bobble type hat and gloves. If you are not sure whether your outerwear is sufficient, please ask.
If the weather is inclement, sailing will be excellent, but it is possible to get cold. If the weather is excellent, the sailing will be rather placid, and the problem will be one of sunburn...

Pocket Money: There is no need for vast amounts of pocket money. During the day we're on water, with no shops...In the evenings in the small towns, you can buy sweets, gifts etc., but there's no real need for large amounts of money. Please remember also that buying currency in small amounts is very expensive. 

Ideally, you need a set of clothes to travel to/from Holland in, and a different set of clothes for wearing on the sail barge.

On the sail barge, multiple layers are better than thicker clothes, and the real trick is to stay dry. With good waterproofs, any clothing, jumpers or fleece you wear is unlikely to get wet, so aside from fresh underwear you don't need massive quantities of spare clothing. A pair of shorts could be useful if the weather is warm and sunny.

A second pair of trainers could be handy as footwear is likely to get wet. Alternatively, you might consider wearing walking boots, which offer excellent water resistance.

Please remember, this Adventure is not a fashion statement...please be sensible about what/how much you bring along.

MWT/AO 2005

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