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General Information applicable to all Adventures

All our adventures are staffed by experienced adults, many of whom have enjoyed trips themselves whilst at school.

The Fellowship is a registered charity and a non-profit-making organisation. In an effort to keep costs as low as possible, everyone, including staff, is expected to pay adventure fees.

AGE: The normal age limits are from eleven to seventeen years of age.

INSURANCE: All participants in a Fellowship adventure are insured for cancellation due to illness, and public liability, but not personal belongings.

ACTIVITIES: All members on a Fellowship adventure are required to take a full and active part in all activities as outlined in the advertised adventure. All activities are carefully supervised and members taking part in water and climbing activities are required to wear the necessary safety equipment which is provided.

DEPOSITS: Deposits are not refundable or transferable except under exceptional circumstances.

INFORMATION and TRAVEL: Full details of the adventure, kit lists and travel details will be sent to each successful applicant in good time before the start of the adventure. Travel to and from the adventure is included in the costs unless specifically stated otherwise in this brochure.

MEMBERSHIP: Participants in any Fellowship activity must be a current member of the Fellowship. The membership fee is included in Adventure costs. (Current fees: Adult: 5, Student 2)

The information on this site is prepared up to 12 months before an adventure takes place, and as a result details can change between publication of the brochure/website and the adventure. All applicants will be informed of any changes affecting their adventure arrangements.

Please note also that we are dependent upon volunteers to staff our adventures safely. If we are unable to provide activities safely, we do reserve the right to cancel that activity or adventure for this reason.

Our costings are based on current market forces and inflation. Should our costs change dramatically, as they have done in 2008, we do reserve the right to ask for a supplement to be paid.

Certain activities are dependent on minimum numbers to ensure viability. Should this not be achieved, it may be necessary to cancel an activity. 


All individuals on Fellowship ventures are supervised during activities, but are responsible for following such instructions as they may be given so that their own safety, and that of others, is maintained.

Should the behaviour of a member cause undue distress, damage or annoyance to other members of the group, property or any third-party, we reserve the right in our absolute discretion to terminate without notice the venture arrangements of that member.

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