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Kitlist for the activity: Holland - Easter:


Sleeping Bag
Sailing/Storm coat & trousers.
NB - If your personal waterproofs are not sufficient, you can borrow a set FREE from Columbus Fellowship Stores
Warm sweaters Decent coat / anorak / fleece
Warm hat and gloves Your own passport (Please check expiry date)
Washing kit / toiletries European HealthCard (obtainable from post offices or online here)
Towel Trainers (+1 pair that is OK to get wet)
Night-wear Spare T-shirts, underwear and socks
Sun tan lotion/aftersun Track-suit trousers are ideal
Any personal medication Walkman/Game/Book
Packed meal and drink for the journey to Hull


You should bring (ideally) one 'large' bag, and one 'day-sack'. The large bag will be packed in the minibus/trailer and will not be accessible until we reach Enkhuizen.
The smaller 'day-sack' is taken on the minibus and ferry, and should not be excessively large.

Luggage Sizes:

We are severely limited on storage space for luggage, as well as load weight limits. For this reason, you should limit what you bring with you to items that are appropriate for a sailing Adventure. You should aim for a maximum luggage size of 60cm x 40cm x 40cm (or about 90 litres if you prefer) and a maximum weight of 24 lbs (11kg or 1st 10lbs)We reserve the right to inspect luggage deemed to be excessive, and to require the removal of inappropriate items. If you are unsure, please ask.Your daysack should contain the following: Passport/EHIC Card Your packed meal/sweets etc. Walkman/book/game for the journey to Hull Whatever you want to sleep in on the Ferry Toothbrush etc. The P&O Ferry provides towels and toiletries which you can use to take a shower (recommended) as we cross to/from Holland


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