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This version of the CF Website was created by Alex Ottway using Strongbow Microsoft Frontpage, Microsoft Expression Web, Microsoft Access, and mySQL. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe DreamWeaver also played a small part. ASP code & database security written by Alex Ottway following necessary upgrades to the original implementation.

No thanks whatsoever to Bill Gates, for getting rid of 'Personal Web Server' from Windows XP & above...how on Earth are you supposed to test a site locally without it...?! Yes, IIS7 should be the be-all and end-all. It isn't.

Thanks, and cheerio to FreeNetName for hosting us for the last 10 years, and hello to Streamline.net for hosting us into the future, with active server page support and database readiness.

Opal Telecom provide authenticated SMTP mail service, for which we're all grateful.

The good people at Outfront.net get special mention as usual...

4 Guys from Rolla, Alex Haneng and the ASP101 personnel have provided assistance without which this wouldn't have happened.

ACE-Bit Wise FTP5 currently handles the FTP upload needs of the site


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Last modified: October 05, 2010